LED vs Fluorescent lights

Governments are taking steps to remove CFLs from the market

Very interesting article about CFL and fluorescent bulbs being phased out:

Read the article here.

Contact us at Twin Supplies to help with your conversion to LED and save money on your energy bill while helping the environment!

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Korex Chicago

Project Overview This job was completed at Korex Corporation, a manufacturing facility located on the south side of Chicago. This project focused specifically on the

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Holy Cross Church - After
Twin Supplies

Project Snapshot: Holy Cross Church

Twin Supplies recently completed an energy upgrade project at Holy Cross Church in Chicago, IL. The high ceilings and beautiful cathedral-like structure made replacing incandescent bulbs in the ceiling a costly and time consuming ordeal.

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Check Out Our New Multi-Family Project Snapshot on Facebook!

Check out our new post on Facebook where we analyze a recently completed LED lighting project for roadway lighting at an apartment complex. The customer paid $0 out of pocket to retrofit 77 light poles!!


ComEd LED Streetlight Energy Incentive Extended

Find out how you can still take advantage of ComEd’s LED streetlight replacement bonus program and get as much as 2.1 times the regular ComEd energy rebate.  The offer only extends through the end of 2017 and available on a first come first serve basis!