LED School And Classroom Lighting Solutions

Save more of your school budget while improving student productivity at the same time.

Upgrading the lighting at a school can be more affordable than you think by taking advantage of utility rebates available specifically for K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities. There are many important reasons to consider upgrading to LED lighting and advanced controls in your classrooms, gyms, parking lots and hallways.

Cost Savings

Of the many expenses involved in maintaining a school building, energy consumption can really add up, particularly while using older, less efficient lighting technologies that may have been initially installed decades ago.  Installing LEDs lighting in schools results in lower energy bills, brighter facilities, and, most importantly, yields a safer environment for learning. LED bulbs are mercury free, can be recycled, and use significantly less energy than all forms of traditional lighting. Just replacing existing fluorescent tubes with LEDs can help decrease energy costs significantly, as lighting upgrades can reduce the lighting portion of an energy bill by as much as 60%!

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Better student performance.

Studies have shown that LED lighting that simulates daylight results in improved ability to focus and overall student performance. When students were tested with LED lighting that simulated natural daylight, they performed better on tests and also reported feeling more positive and alert. LED lighting with advanced lighting controls such as daylight harvesting can cause an instant positive impact on students and faculty alike.

Reduced risk to harmful contaminants.

The EPA has shown that T12 fluorescent lighting powered by magnetic ballasts that contain PCBs which are carcinogenic can lead to negative health effects on students’ immune, endocrine and nervous systems.  Furthermore, fluorescent lighting contains mercury and inert gases, and a shattered fluorescent tube can cause mercury contamination. Additionally, mercury produces UV radiation that can damage eye and skin tissue and has even been shown to be a factor in cataracts and macular degeneration.

Better visibility in the classroom

LED lighting with advanced controls provides better visibility for students in all areas of a school. This can be particularly useful for students and faculty who have impaired vision or struggle around harsh lighting.

Better safety for students

LED lighting provides better visibility in hallways, parking lots and other outdoor areas of a school, which are often very underlit.  Brighter and crisper lighting instantly results in significantly improved safety for students and teachers.

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School Lighting: LED Retrofit

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