Why Smart Lighting & Automation?

The advantages of automated light control systems for businesses, schools & churches.

Energy Savings Through the use of new advanced lighting technologies, we can preset your newly installed LED lights so they are only on when you need them and you won’t even have to think about whether you accidentally left the lights on or not!  Automated lighting can yield substantial savings on your energy bill and greatly decrease your carbon footprint. In addition to simple on and off settings, advanced technology allows you the ability to also have the lights automatically adjust to be dimmer or brighter based on the natural light in the area. This is just another great method to save resources without even thinking about it! Centralized Control All of your lighting controls can be in one place.  You can opt for keypad control or go wireless with iPad/iPhone or Android device control of your lighting. The convenience of having all your lighting control centralized in one place saves you time, and it is easy to set-up, maintain and adjust.  We will commission the initial set-up for you and walk you through the process for making any future changes that you may require as your needs change.
Property Security The physical security of property and more importantly the people on your property is a high priority.  Automated lighting enhances security by ensuring less visible areas are always lit at night.  Motion sensors can provide additional lighting as well as energy savings in areas that are less populated.
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Smart LED Lighting Installation

Lighting Automation

Lighting controls make your life easier reduce your energy usage even more!  Check out the informative video to your left showing our work at the Norwood Park Fire Protection District where you can see an example of a hallway with lighting controls in action. We have done similar projects with churches, schools, manufacturing facilities, and other building types which help them secure dramatic savings on energy costs and simple convenience with lights that turn on and off automatically, resulting in the light fixtures only operating when the area is actually occupied.

Programmable LED Light Installation

Just 4 simple steps to getting your lighting automated!

Free Initial Consultation

One of our project managers will meet with you to determine the scope of your project and outline specific lighting controls that can be installed in your facility to help lower your energy usage even more.

Incentives Analysis

Your upgrade to LED lighting with controls will be eligible for incentives from many utilities. We will help guide you through the process of finding energy saving incentives and our grant writers and professional staff will handle securing funding on your behalf.


Once your lighting and controls project is approved, our certified electricians get your system installed and working quickly. We keep in close communication with you and your team throughout this process.

Programmable Lighting Schedule Walkthrough

Once your lighting system is installed we will go over your daily schedule, and, based on your input, program the lights with you while showing you how to use the interface to make your own future adjustments.  If you have any questions later on, we are only a phone call away and happy to help you with a refresher on automating your lights.

Find out how we can help you upgrade to automated lighting and controls.

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