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LED Lighting Upgrades for Businesses, Schools & Religious Facilities

One of the easiest and most cost effective areas where a lighting upgrade can be performed is the interior of a building. Due to legislation that went into effect in 2012, T12 fluorescent lamps are no longer being manufactured in the United States, and, as a result, many building owners and operators had begun making the change to T8 and T5 fluorescent lamp-based systems, whose longer lamp life and lower energy usage made them a logical choice. However, with the incredible rise of LED technology in just the past year or two, virtually all aspects of fluorescent lighting, whether they be T12, T8 or T5 lamps, are already being replaced by many building managers with LED fixtures and advanced lighting controls. Twin Supplies excels at retrofitting existing interior fluorescent lighting fixtures with TLED linear tubes, or replacing entire fluorescent troffer and strip fixtures with entirely new LED fixtures, based on your budget and lighting quality needs. Both methods yield vastly superior lighting quality, extended product life compared to fluorescent technology, and significantly lower energy usage.

In addition, Twin Supplies offers a variety of options to replace existing metal halide fixtures, which are often still found in gymnasiums, warehouses, garages and other structures with high ceilings. These fixtures can be replaced with brand new LED highbay fixtures, cutting down an incredible amount of energy usage while also vastly improving lighting quality. Please check out our various before and after photos for examples of the transformations we can do for you!

Interior Lighting Design

Twin Supplies can help with complex projects which depend on advanced design and light fixture layout, to make certain that no detail is overlooked. We ensure that all lumen level, beam spread, and foot candle requirements are met to the exact needs of each customer.

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