LED Retrofit Installation

Energy saving, environmentally friendly LED retrofit services.

Twin Supplies has been helping people like you with energy saving lighting retrofits for over a decade. We help companies, religious facilities, schools and communities maximize savings while providing impactful visual improvements. We have professionals on staff to help walk you through the process of securing incentives so you can make the most of your budget. Starting a lighting retrofit project may seem daunting but we have years of experience and the expert staff to walk you through the process quickly and easily.

When Should You Consider Doing a Lighting Retrofit?

Lighting retrofits can make sense in any situation where you will experience cost savings but especially in situations where:
  • There are areas that are excessively overlit and wasting energy.
  • There is poor maintenance of current lighting and the existing fixtures are well beyond their useful life span.
  • Existing hours of lighting operation are in excess of what is necessary and there are areas that could benefit from occupancy sensors and other technologies.
  • The existing lighting technology is inefficient. Outdated lighting technology that is old will cost you increasingly more every year to run.
  • You are paying high electricity and/or demand charges which are impacted by inefficient, high wattage fixtures.
  • Areas are poorly lit and can result in decreased productivity and safety.
To understand the quality of our retrofitting work we thought you might like hearing directly from the words of one of our customers:
Dear Twin Supplies Staff, Please accept our deep appreciation for an excellent job retrofitting our underground parking garage from T12 to T8 fixtures and bulbs.  The response from our homeowners has been overwhelmingly positive due to better and more consistent light throughout the entire garage. Moreover, we look forward to the cost savings that we should see with our next ComEd bill and in upcoming years. We were very impressed by overall customer experience with your firm, especially in the following areas:
  • Understanding the conversion process: You simply and concisely laid out the different options available to us and explained the annual cost savings with the retrofit in a way that resonated with all the homeowners.
  • Providing great communication: You kept us posted about the different steps of the program and walked us through the ComEd approval process.
  • Delivering immediate installation: You notified us on Monday, April 13 that ComEd had approved our project and given it a job number and becan installation on Wednesday, April 15th. Very impressive turnaround time.
  • Competing the retrofit with superb work crew: You employ extraordinarily professional electricians who promptly arrived at the designated start time for two days. They were courteous, friendly, conscientious and great to work with  Their exemplary work and demeanor should be the standard for workmen in every industry.
Once again, thank you for a job well-done. With best regards, Frank Board President. East Laurel Condominium Association

How Much Does a Lighting Retrofit Cost?

There are many incentive programs to help you save on your retrofit project. We have a couple of handy tools on the site to help you start pulling together a rough idea of cost but we strongly suggest you talk to one of our professionals as they be able to find the greatest cost savings for you.

Doing a lighting retrofit can result in huge cost savings for years to come.  Take the next step to learn more.

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