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Beautiful Church Lighting Design & Energy Efficient LED Upgrades.

As any buildings and grounds director or business manager knows, continual rate increases from utilities are a fact of life for any ratepayer, including non-profit organizations such as churches and other places of worship. One of the largest expenses in building maintenance comes in the form of electrical consumption. Facilities that switch to newer, more efficient lighting systems cut an average of 59% on the lighting portion of their electric bill – all while enjoying superior light quality. Twin Supplies has the expertise and personalized service to help your congregation become more energy efficient, environmentally aware, and, most importantly, financially cost-effective with your lighting systems.

Before & After
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Sanctuary Lighting

In any type of church or other religious building, the most important part of the entire facility is the sanctuary, which usually houses religious symbols and icons essential to the work of a congregation and their members. Sanctuary light is absolutely essential in setting the tone for worship and we have experts to help you make informed choices for beautiful, cost effective LED altar lights and crisp, clear lighting throughout your entire facility.  Advanced LED dimming systems can be implemented to provide focused, mood enhancing lighting styles during certain liturgical periods. Twin Supplies has worked with hundreds of churches of varying denominations, providing solutions from simple track lighting to decorative pendants. Please look at our photos for more details on these projects – they speak for themselves!
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Ceilings & Lighting Fixtures

With high ceilings and the tendency for the eyes of worshippers to be drawn upward, church ceiling lights can receive a lot of attention during services. Decorative pendant lights and custom LED light fixtures can have an extremely positive impact in such areas. Twin Supplies can also provide your church with LED retrofit solutions for existing decorative pendant fixtures, which involves installing a new LED lighting source into the existing pendant while maintaining the look of the traditional fixtures you want to keep. Alternatively, we can also install entirely new decorative pendant fixtures designed specifically for church settings. Other options for church ceilings, including track lighting and trim-kit “can” style lights are also great solutions.
Upgrading your church lighting can result in big energy savings and a warmer, more welcoming environment. Take the next step to learn more.
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