Commercial Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficient Design, Installation and LED Upgrades.

Updating existing fluorescent lighting in commercial settings can help instantly improve product visibility and provide superior color rendition, resulting in customers being able to see merchandise in a more true to life form. LED technology provides a more consistent wavelength spectrum and is interpreted as more natural, resulting in additional focus being attained and more detail being shown.

Upgrading to LED also simultaneously decreases energy usage and maintenance expenses. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy required by older technologies such as metal halide or fluorescent fixtures, resulting in instant savings on your electric bill. Adding features such as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, dimming controls and other advanced lighting solutions only further increase the savings! Since LED lighting fixtures basically manage themselves and last for years rather than months, your costs of upkeep will immediately decrease as the fixtures run without the need for frequent bulb and ballast changing.

Better quality light, decreased maintenance cost and significant energy spend savings result in an immediate improvement for any commercial setting. The superior illumination of products has been shown to drive increased sales, which, combined with lower electric bills and minimal maintenance expenses instantly improve the bottom line of any commercial business. Twin Supplies handles the project from start to finish, including securing generous rebates available through utility companies on your behalf, resulting in a simple turnkey project that provides a variety of benefits. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary light audit and assessment!

Upgrading your church lighting can result in big energy savings and a warmer, more welcoming environment. Take the next step to learn more.
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