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One of the largest expenses in building maintenance comes in the form of electrical consumption. Facilities that make the switch to newer, more efficient lighting systems cut an average of 59% on the lighting portion of their electric bills – all the while enjoying superior light quality. Twin Supplies has been helping companies save money for decades with detailed, designed energy solutions that work within any budget and surpass aesthetic expectations. Twin Supplies has the expertise and personalized service to help your company become energy efficient, environmentally aware, and more importantly, financially frugal with your light systems.  Our goal is to save you money for years to come while providing beautiful and inviting lighting.

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Energy Efficient Lighting Design

We make energy savings easier.

Changing lighting for your business, church or home can seem like a big project but Twin Supplies has professionals to help make the process amazingly painless. Switching to LED lighting technology and controls can save anywhere from 50%-80% on the lighting portion of your energy bill.  That amounts to substantial savings on a yearly basis.  We can even help you find available grants and rebates, and file the necessary paperwork on your behalf to save even more money.

Enhance visual appeal.

LED lighting instantly improves the look of your space.  People can ‘feel’ the difference even if they cannot put their finger on what the difference is.  Your business, church or school feels brighter, warmer, and more inviting. We help you choose solutions and design that helps people feel comfortable and welcome.

Increase safety.

The brighter, cleaner light that comes with LED lighting helps spruce up building exteriors, interiors, parking lots and walkways.  Studies have shown that strategically placed lighting with advanced controls can even help reduce crime and vandalism in the area. People will feel safer and more confident in well lit areas.

Less maintenance than traditional lighting.

LED lights typically last many years longer than old fashioned lighting so you spend much less time and money changing out worn out fixtures and bulbs.  Just one more way that you save.

Upgrading your  lighting can result in big energy savings and a warmer, more welcoming environment. Take the next step to learn more.

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