Athletic Lighting Solutions

Indoor gymnasiums and exterior athletic fields have similar challenges when it comes to lighting.

Outdated athletic field and gym lighting can be very expensive to maintain, and traditionally has used cumbersome and inefficient “energy hog” fixtures. For the safety of all the participants and spectators, uniform and crisp lighting is essential to the overall experience at sporting events and other functions held in such areas.  Upgrading to LED stadium lighting has instant benefits for the participants, spectators, and facility managers. These benefits include:

Big Energy Spend Savings

Metal Halide fluorescent lighting consumes much more energy than LED lighting. Using LED technology can result in nearly a 60% reduction in overall energy spend on the lighting portion of your electric bill.  Adding automated controls can further increase those energy savings. Stadium lighting especially has traditionally been forced to use very high wattage fixtures due to the necessity of certain foot candle levels on the playing surface. The large strides made by LED technology mean that these old models can now be replaced by advanced LED fixtures which offer a significant decrease in energy usage while providing incredible uniformity with even light distribution and no glare.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

Lighting for gyms and fieldhouses has the added challenge of being a high ceiling space. Exterior athletic fields have a similar problem, often with very tall poles which are difficult to access.  These lights can be hard to reach for maintenance and servicing which adds to the associated costs for lighting these areas. LED fixtures installed in such areas have virtually zero maintenance expenses, with no bulbs or ballasts to change out. Furthermore, LED lighting with controls can really make a difference when preparing to use a gym for a purpose other than a sporting event, such as a fundraising evening, gala or graduation ceremony.

Better Quality Light

LED lighting is brighter and has a more natural “look”.  The appearance and ‘feel’ of the stadium or gym is instantly improved with a LED lighting upgrade. Additionally, LED fixtures do not produce the excessive heat that high energy burning traditional lighting do so athletes and spectators won’t have to deal with the higher temperatures that traditional lighting can produce. Advanced systems also allow for intricate control options such as specific lighting patterns during player introductions that can greatly enhance the experience for both the athletes and the spectators.

Take the next step toward getting better visibility and money savings for your gym and athletic field lighting.
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