Warehouse Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is the most effective lighting for warehouses.

Warehouses traditionally have used either fluorescent or HID lighting technology to illuminate their workspaces.  LED light fixtures are energy efficient and provide many more options. It is very easy to retrofit your existing fixtures with LED or completely replace your existing fixtures with brand new ones.

LEDs technology provides significant energy savings

Since warehouses are often very large spaces, dozens or even hundreds of lights are needed to adequately illuminate the work areas. Replacing your existing, inefficient fixtures with LED lighting and advanced controls can help save as much as 60% on the lighting portion of your energy bill.

Improved  Safety

LED lighting instantly improves visibility and helps reduce avoidable workplace accidents. LED fixtures also reduce the risk of fire hazards when compared to fluorescent and HID lights because they produce much less heat, which also improves the working conditions of employees.

Extensive LED Rebates

There are many cost saving incentives available through local utilities, including ComEd and Ameren.  Twin Supplies will help you find the rebates you are eligible for to further reduce your installation costs. We handle all of the rebate paperwork directly with the utilities on your behalf!

Better Productivity

Better visibility and lighting color temperature helps reduce headaches and eye strain.  The LED fixtures we choose for warehouses typically have a color temperature between 4000K and 5000K which produces a light that is much closer to natural light and easier to focus in. The lower heat levels emitted by LED fixtures also results in a cooler work environment resulting in significantly less employee heat fatigue.

Many Control Options

Being able to optimize lighting for large warehouses is important. LED advanced lighting technologies such as motion sensors, timed lighting and automated lighting can further reduce energy costs and improve work environments.

No warm up or cool down time like HIDs

No expensive bulb disposal due to mercury like fluorescent lighting.

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Warehouse Lighting

Office Lighting Solutions

Increase productivity and decrease costs.

Dim lighting can cause wear on the eyes and lead to headaches, lower productivity and employee fatigue. Dim lights also cause in drowsiness and lack of focus.

Overly harsh lighting can often be even more harmful, causing eye strain and even triggering migraine headaches. New LED lighting with color temperature selected for your unique needs, combined with daylight harvesting technology and dimming technology, is the perfect solution for any work environment to help boost employee productivity and morale, lower energy bills, and increase office safety.

Cost Savings

LED lighting can reduce the lighting portion of your electric bill by as much as 60% over traditional lighting. LED bulbs and fixtures also last an average of 10 to 20 times longer than incandescent, fluorescent and CFL bulbs. LEDs further helps lower your energy costs by reducing your maintenance expenses to virtually nothing. The ROI on your lighting upgrade can be as quick as a couple of months!

Better Attitude and Productivity

Studies have shown that poor lighting and even the color temperature of lighting can affect job performance and the moods of employees. LED light color rendition is closer to natural daylight and has a far more consistent wavelength spectrum which helps people stay more alert, less fatigued and generally more productive.

Comfort and Safety

LED lighting produces far less heat than traditional bulbs. Switching to LED will help keep your office cooler and additionally lowers cooling expenses during warmer months. LED technology also has lower CO2 emissions and does not contain toxic mercury like some forms of older lighting.

Retrofitting Your Lighting

Many offices and warehouses still need to be updated from T5, T8 and even T12 fluorescent lighting, metal halide lighting, and CFL lighting, as all of this technology is being phased out and some is not even being manufactured anymore With so many of choices including existing fixture retrofitting or brand new fixture installation it is easier than ever to upgrade your current fixtures with more efficient and aesthetically pleasing LED fixtures.

Save money and improve safety for your warehouse or office. Take the next step to learn more.
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