Exterior LED Lighting

Cost Effective Lighting Design & Installation for Businesses, Religious Facilities, Parks & Schools.

Twin Supplies has been helping businesses and communities create beautiful, energy saving outdoor lighting solutions for years.  We will help you replace those energy wasting metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures with updated contemporary LED lighting fixtures that provide clear and more inviting illumination. You save money every year and enjoy updated lighting with a fresher, crisper and more aesthetic appeal. By choosing to replace your current lights with LED lighting fixtures you are making an excellent low wattage and virtually zero maintenance choice. Since LED lighting is directional, the desired luminance can be achieved by effectively focusing the light to a specific area – reducing the necessity to “blast” an area with an excess amount of foot candles, which leads to a higher wattage intake and wasted light output. We proudly feature exterior lighting fixtures from a variety of well known manufacturers, and always make sure to provide our customers with a variety of options to fit any budget and desired final result.

Exterior LED Lighting in 4 Simple Steps

Twin Supplies works on all types of exterior lighting projects, from decorative fixtures in public parks and school security lighting to industry specific lighting for commercial businesses . Updating your exterior lighting to cost saving LEDs not only saves you money but also enhances the appearance and security of each area. Comprehensive LED lighting design will make any area more inviting to visitors and customers and make the entire area safer as well.

Free Initial Consultation

One of our project managers will meet with you to determine the scope of your project, your lighting goals and to review your available budget.  We want to understand your needs and budget thoroughly so we can deliver results you will be thrilled with.

Incentives Analysis

We will walk you through available incentives to determine what your project may be eligible for in reducing costs. We have grant writers and professional staff that can help you save as much as 75% off the full cost of the project in some cases!

Ongoing Communication Throughout Project Installation

Once you have chosen how you would like to proceed, our certified electricians work closely with you and any other professionals to ensure your project is completed seamlessly and on-time.

Take the next step for improving your outdoor lighting.

Talk to one of our lighting experts to learn how we can help make your exterior areas safer while also saving you money with better illumination and energy saving design.  We are here to answer all of your questions!
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