Holy Cross Church - Before


Holy Cross Church - After

Project Details

  • Name: Holy Cross Church
  • Address: 4541 S. Wood Street, Chicago, IL 60609

Payback & Cost

  • Before: 80,000 watts — each bulb was 40 watts. They had a total of 2,000 incandescent bulbs.
  • After: 10,000 watts — each bulb is 5 watts. Replaced 2,000.
  • Annual Electrical Savings — $14,700
  • Customer Cost — $10,190
  • ROI — 8 months

Project Overview

Twin Supplies recently completed an energy upgrade project at Holy Cross Church in Chicago, IL. The high ceilings and beautiful cathedral-like structure made replacing incandescent bulbs in the ceiling a costly and time consuming ordeal.

The primary focus of the project involved finding an energy efficient solution for replacing over 2,000 inefficient incandescent bulbs on the ceiling and along the walls of the church. Each incandescent bulb consumes 40 watts. Total existing wattage totaled 80,000 watts. In addition the average life-span of an incandescent bulb is approximately 2,500 hours.

What solution would help the church reduce both energy and maintenance costs? Why LED bulbs of course! Twin Supplies replaced all 2,000 incandescents with 5 watt LED globe lights. The new total wattage is 10,000 watts —  an 87.5% reduction! Each LED globe has a whopping 25,000 hour life span.

By upgrading the incandescent bulbs to LEDs through the ComEd Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Program Holy Cross Church was able to realize some major benefits: a lower monthly energy bill, lower maintenance expense, vastly improved lighting, and a 140% return on their investment.

A match made in heaven wouldn’t you agree?

Tony Vaca-Merlos

Project Manager