Project Snapshots

Project Snapshots

Korex Chicago

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Project Overview

Delviro highbays in warehouse

This job was completed at Korex Corporation, a manufacturing facility located on the south side of Chicago. This project focused specifically on the installation of energy efficient lighting in their storage warehouse. The total project cost was $23,447, with the company receiving $18,698 worth of rebates from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. Korex wound up paying only $5,541 out of pocket for the total project – less than 25% of the total project cost!

Project Details

This simple project consisted of replacing Qty (48) – 400W existing Mercury Vapor fixtures with Qty (33) Delviro Titan 160W LED highbay fixtures. The Titan LED fixtures were a perfect solution for this application because they perform better in high, open areas and provide optimal lighting for vertical surfaces, such as shelving. Furthermore, since this location is primarily a storage facility, the occupancy sensor was an ideal way to deliver even more energy savings. For example, the fixtures turn on once a customer enters the area, remain on while they source the material and deliver it to another part of the factory. After 30 minutes of no activity, the lights in the storage area shut off automatically, saving additional energy and reducing operating costs even more.

In the end, Korex reduced their monthly electrical charge from $900 to $300 saving the company $600 a month in just electric charges! The payback on this project is a little over 9 months. Also, the Delviro fixtures used in this project came with a 10-year warranty and are virtually maintenance free for the duration of the life of the fixture. “These provide incredible maintenance savings!” Jim Barca reported, “[the new lights] brighten my day every day, and I am so happy I am saving money and not burning unnecessary energy.”

How can we help you?

Our customers benefit from financial savings, as well as by reducing their overall carbon footprint and taking advantage of the rebates offered by utility companies.

Twin Supplies is a professional lighting company which provides FREE lighting assessments and identifies potential energy saving measures. We also complete all necessary paperwork at no cost, and install LED samples to ensure our customers will be pleased with the final results.

Click on the link below to like our Facebook page and learn more about our company! If you are pleased with the service we have provided for you, please give us a review! We appreciate your feedback!

Timothy Snow, Project Manager


Project Snapshot: Holy Cross Church

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After Photos

Before Photos

Project Details

  • Name: Holy Cross Church
  • Address: 4541 S. Wood Street, Chicago, IL 60609

Payback & Cost

  • Before: 80,000 watts — each bulb was 40 watts. They had a total of 2,000 incandescent bulbs.
  • After: 10,000 watts — each bulb is 5 watts. Replaced 2,000.
  • Annual Electrical Savings — $14,700
  • Customer Cost — $10,190
  • ROI — 8 months

Project Overview

Twin Supplies recently completed an energy upgrade project at Holy Cross Church in Chicago, IL. The high ceilings and beautiful cathedral-like structure made replacing incandescent bulbs in the ceiling a costly and time consuming ordeal.

The primary focus of the project involved finding an energy efficient solution for replacing over 2,000 inefficient incandescent bulbs on the ceiling and along the walls of the church. Each incandescent bulb consumes 40 watts. Total existing wattage totaled 80,000 watts. In addition the average life-span of an incandescent bulb is approximately 2,500 hours.

What solution would help the church reduce both energy and maintenance costs? Why LED bulbs of course! Twin Supplies replaced all 2,000 incandescents with 5 watt LED globe lights. The new total wattage is 10,000 watts —  an 87.5% reduction! Each LED globe has a whopping 25,000 hour life span.

By upgrading the incandescent bulbs to LEDs through the ComEd Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Program Holy Cross Church was able to realize some major benefits: a lower monthly energy bill, lower maintenance expense, vastly improved lighting, and a 140% return on their investment.

A match made in heaven wouldn’t you agree?


Tony Vaca-Merlos

Project Manager

Lighting Project at Berto Center in Deerfield, IL

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    Project Overview

    Twin Supplies recently completed a lighting renovation project of the main gym and workout areas at the former Chicago Bulls practice facility in Deerfield, IL. The project was paid for in part through the Smart Ideas for Your Business incentive program offered by ComEd, known as the Small Business Energy Savings Program (SBES). The balance of the project was paid for by the new owner of the facility, Event Creative of Chicago, IL.

    According to Mr. Sean Cannon, co-partner of the New Venue One North Shore as the facility will now be known, “We’re very happy with the new look of the facility. I’m really glad (Twin Supplies) pushed the project through with us here at Event Creative.”

    Project Details

    Replacing the existing metal halide lights in the gym and workout areas with LED “Spun Bays” from Lumecon Corp. in Farmington Hills, MI reduced the wattage in those areas by 83% (50,760W to 8,460W). The total project cost was $54,732 with incentives from ComEd totaling a whopping $33,840 and resulting in a total out-of-pocket cost for Venue One of $20,892. Estimated annual electrical savings are $14,545 making the simple ROI of this project just 1.4 years or a little over 16 months.

    As estimated by the project workbook provided by the Smart Ideas for Your Business incentive program offered by ComEd, the environmental benefits from replacing 47 gym lights with LED luminaires is the equivalent of 28 less cars driven per year; or 15,078 gallons of gasoline saved; or even 18.4 tree seedlings grown for 10 years – truly an environmentally friendly event if there ever was one.

    Do you want to see the results for yourself?

    Come check out the amazing new look at a former sports facility that once was the basketball center of the universe during the Chicago Bulls championship runs of the 1990s—Venue One North Shore in Deerfield, IL.

    Tim Snow

    Project Manager